X-Ray Diagnostic Mobile Digital Unit DELTA

An X-ray mobile digital unit with a flat panel digital detector 35х43 cm, destined for all kinds of radiographic examinations in out-patients’ clinics and hospitals as well as in operating rooms and in the intensive care units.

The X-ray diagnostic mobile unit DELTA is produced in two versions:

  • A high-frequency X-ray generator with a power of 32 kW. The high power of the generator allows to make an image with a short exposure time obtaining a high quality. An X-ray tube with a rotating anode, focus of 0,6 - 1,3 mm.
  • A high-frequency X-ray generator with a power of 6 kW. It is recommended by the manufacturer for the use in pediatrics and for a better visualization of small structures.
    An X-ray tube with a rotating anode, focus of 0,3 - 0,6 mm.


A flat panel detector, image size of 35х43 cm.
A wireless channel of image transmission from detector to the technologist’s automated workstation.
Compatibility of a detector application in the cassette holders of the units with 2 and 3 workstations, of the remote controlled tables.

This unit is an advanced model combining all the latest achievements in the area of the digital recording of X-ray images and it allows to make X-ray images in any part of a patient care institution, including an operating room.

DELTA is a compact mobile unit, convenient to move about a patient care institution as well as to position near a patient’s bed that allows to use it successfully at the ambulance stations, in emergency rooms, in dressing rooms and in pediatric orthopedic departments.

  • A flat panel digital detector allows to fulfill radiographic examinations and to get a high-quality digital image on a monitor screen right after exposure.
  • A wireless image control desk ensures a decrease of the personnel radiation exposure and excludes the necessity to use special X-ray protection shields and screens.
  • A display with a touch screen of a high resolution makes it possible to control exposure parameters and to view an image on a monitor screen.
  • Compatibility – a full integration into Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), a full DICOM compatibility.